Author name: John Miglautsch

John Miglautsch founded and currently serves as President of Miglautsch Marketing, Inc. in Hartland, Wisconsin. Miglautsch Marketing provides database marketing systems and consultation to direct marketing clients across North America and the EU. John livestreams daily on direct mail, Machine Learning, direct & database marketing nationally and internationally. He is President of the Wisconsin Direct Marketing Association Board of Directors, Executive Director of the International Society for Strategic Marketing. John and his wife, Susan have three daughters and a son.

Werewolf Variable

Miglautsch Marketing has now created the “Werewolf Variable” (though Jim has aptly called it the “Full Moon Variable”).  Its historical roots are covered below.  So far, it seems to have predictive power and certainly interesting dinner conversation potential.  Read on for a discussion of variables in general… and if your modelers don’t include variables like …

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The RFM Trap

A friend sent me the above chart and asked me what I thought of it. The author suggests, “Shaded cells reflect that 80,495 customers reside in those cells that received a 2% or more response rate. So about 80.5% of the mailing went to customers who had 2% plus response rate. To the right of …

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Why Mail

Discover how Direct MAIL solves the age old issue of cause & effect in Marketing vs Sales. Use MAIL as your on-going laboratory… even if you’re are a digitally driven marketing culture. A perfect example of higher audience engagement with mail marketing shows the gambling industry. A significant percent of real money online casino players (almost 36%) …

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There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

I still remember my first seminar on modeling.  I was shown how, with proper statistical techniques, done by a Ph.D. Statistician, one could find the top 20% of the customers who produced 80% of the profits in a mailing.  Neiman Marcus ran the tests and the graphics were impressive.  However, questions arose in my mind, …

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