Ted Miglautsch

Prior to working at Miglautsch Marketing Ted Miglausch was a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin working with embedded control systems, anything from food packaging machines, and consumer oven controls to operating room heart pacer evaluation devices. These projects frequently required getting maximum processing performance out of computers even as small as 4 bit processors.

In 1990 Ted joined Miglautsch Marketing to expand the business into database marketing.

In those early years with the company he developed some of the largest, fastest relational marketing databases in the world. He packed over 70 million transaction records into a fully relational database on a 486 platform. That was a big deal back then.

These were the precursors of Big Data. Ted did not follow others into the Big Data systems. Simply stuffing data into a database in the hope it becomes significant is expensive. If a database is designed with an understanding of business marketing it does not need to be much larger than the customers and sales transactions together. Trying to load too much information when looking for correlations will start producing parallels that are simply spurious correlations and have no useful benefit in the business of making money.

Instead Ted has developed database marketing tools designed around market testing and promotion list processing. The type of tools that can help a company in two ways. They enable businesses to understand who their customers really are and to know which customers are likely to profitably respond to a specific offer and be able to generate promotable lists of those customers. These are the tools real marketing people need.

Besides developing marketing systems Ted is responsible for day-to-day computer operations and network administration.