Company Background

Miglautsch Marketing is headed by Mr. John Miglautsch, a Certified Professional Direct Marketer (PDM) with over four decades of national marketing consulting experience.

Mr. Miglautsch combines a unique understanding of design and production management with the analytical tools necessary to validate and capitalize on marketing theory. He has technical experience in industrial sales, printing, system design, copy writing, graphic design, telemarketing, list selection, catalog production, etc. This diversity of experience allows him to communicate with technical professionals from different disciplines. The computer programmer can now understand what the director of marketing has in mind (and vice versa). John has risen to national prominence for his work in micro computer based marketing projection models.

John’s expertise and national reputation are the cornerstone of Miglautsch Marketing, Inc. We have coupled his talent with some of the finest system integration minds to form a complete system integration team. For years we have seen companies start with their mailing list, spend a million dollars and end up with a mailing list. To address this problem, the focus of Miglautsch Marketing has shifted from creative and strategic analysis to database and system work. Companies
like Hudson’s Bay, General Foods, Intel, Borland, Equifax, National Geographic, Moore, Midwest Express, Deluxe Business Systems, and McCann-Erickson have approached us because we know how the marketing database is supposed to work with marketing!

Our objective is to provide the absolutely easiest to use system possible. We believe that this will open the leverage of database marketing to the truly creative people. The power of graphical PC’s makes these choices right for the foreseeable future. The query, graphics and report tools are spectacular. This will allow you to build a stand alone marketing database, which will also tie back into telemarketing and order entry. You get the best of both worlds–predictable, stable operations with dynamic, flexible marketing.

Ernie Schell called us “the best hope for the future of database marketing.”  Don Libey wrote, “John attempts to be the interpreter between the two sides of the business. Unless someone from marketing can learn to speak MIS, their projects often lead only to frustration. As a top-notch database consultant, John is able to bring people, ideas and capabilities together to get a job done… We rank John among the very best consultants to the industry. He would have to sit on our Blue Ribbon Panel of experts.”  John has been working with direct marketing companies for over ten years. His task has always been turning data into information. This approach assures clients that they will have a system that will continue to improve yet will precisely fit their needs. Though the tools are generic, our databases are exceptional; our largest system to date contains 15 million customers and 300 million transaction records and is running on Linux machines.

Miglautsch Marketing has been cited in the following publications:

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