Moore Business Products

One of the world’s largest business forms companies subsidiary catalog.

Objective: To build an Executive Information System which also replaced the existing list maintenance and list selection.

Challenge: MIS expressed dismay at ever making Marketing happy. Current system did not support multiple contact names. “Give us access to our data without writing programs.”

Obstacles: Our initial system pulled data from order processing and allowed access with Impromptu query tool. Marketing clearly could not produce meaningful information with queries alone. Further, once they successfully produced interesting EIS material, a full featured list selection system was still required.

Solution: MMI successfully loaded 500,000 customers and three million order headers and detail. Contact names were captured from the attention line of each header. Application Manager was created to help users create queries and feed data directly into PowerPlay for EIS system. List selection software was created to duplicate and improve on all existing selection capabilities. Ad hoc name selection was created to allow marketing to select based on item number or other order header or detail data.

Summary: Moore have been using this system for complete list selection for 8 ½ years. “Without this system we could not have done our job.” MIS have supported the system for 2 ½ years. They are currently exploring an enhancement.

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