John Miglautsch

Speaker, Author, Mentor

John Miglautsch founded and currently serves as President of Miglautsch Marketing, Inc. in Hartland, Wisconsin. Miglautsch Marketing provides database marketing systems and consultation to direct marketing clients across North America and the EU. John speaks and writes on BIGdata, direct & database marketing nationally and internationally. He is President of the Wisconsin Direct Marketing Association Board of Directors, Executive Director of the International Society for Strategic Marketing. John and his wife, Susan have three daughters and a son. 

1990-Present Founder Miglautsch Marketing, Inc. aiding companies in the execution of direct marketing and database marketing strategies. International speaker and author on database marketing. Implementing revolutionary integration of modeling software that is changing the nature of database marketing. 

1987-1990 General Manager, R.L.Meyer Direct Marketing. Founded independent direct marketing division. Aided general advertising and direct marketing clients in integrating direct marketing principles and techniques into their marketing mix. Developed computer aided catalog training for major catalog companies.

1985-1987 Vice President of Marketing, Sales Guides, Inc. Management of all direct marketing operations including design and telemarketing. Developed decision support models for catalog management. Built catalog division (founded in 1984) to 53 employees and mailings of almost 6 million catalogs in 1987.

1981-1985 Consultant, Hunter Business Direct, Inc. (Direct Marketing Consulting Firm), Milwaukee, WI. Proposal, research and management of long-term client projects. Designed solutions for specific projects related to direct marketing techniques.

1979-1981 Inside Sales, Durable Controls, Inc. Developed all corporate marketing materials, direct mail and trade show programs. Designed computer business and telemarketing system.

1978-1979 Sales Rep, Wisconsin Graphics. Substantially expanded customers and geography.

1974-1976 Sales Representative, Ad Vantage Ad, Inc. Performance equaled and exceeded veteran salesmen.John Miglautsch’s successful consulting projects have included major involvement in five business-to-business and three consumer catalog start-ups.

In 1985 John moved to Vice President of Marketing at Sales Guides, Inc. His background in the real world of day to day catalog management, make his solutions practical as well as technically sound. Miglautsch Marketing is one of the premier developers of marketing databases. Custom systems are constructed using off the shelf PC Windows tools running client/server on LAN’s. 

They have built marketing databases for Musician’s Friend, Fire Mountain Gems, Moore Business Systems, Hudson’s Bay, Cabela’s, Hubert, American Collegiate Marketing, The Mutual Group, In-Fisherman, North American Outdoor Group, Baseball Express, Highlander Catalog, Xena/Hercules, Sax’s 5th Avenue, Adobe Systems, eTrade, PetEdge, Daniel Smith and many others.

John’s writing ranges from analytical computer models to direct mail copy. He just published his first book, Spinning Straw Into Gold, A Guide to the Magic of Turning Data Into Money. He contributed the database and modeling chapters to the world’s best selling direct marketing book, Bob Stone’s Successful Direct Marketing Methods, July 1999.Recent articles include: Artificial Intelligence & Marketing, Linkedin 2017

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John developed the first Catalog Age sponsored Catalog Seminar presented in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston in 1988. John participated as a judge in the 1988 American Catalog Contest. John was one of three finalists for Young Direct Marketer of the Year, 1989. In 1991 he became a Senior Fellow of the North American Society for Strategic Marketing

Recent Speaking Experience Includes:

2018 – Why MAIL, USPS National Direct Mail Sales Training – Keynote – Chicago, IL

2017 – National eTailing & Mailing Organization of America (nemoa), Chicago, IL
Mail Haus Marketing Seminar, WI, W-Direct Marketing Association, Minneapolis, MN

2016 – DataVersity – Chicago, IL

2012 – ECMOD – London, UK

2010 – Ottawa, Ontario

2010 – Edmonton, Alberta

2007 – DMA – Cleveland

2006 – DMA – Dallas, Wisconsin

2004 – Database University

2003 – WDMA, WCTC

2002 – WDMA, Marquette University

2001 – Marquette University, Caroll College

2000 – Merit Direct – Business-to-Business, Stamford, CT.

1999 – ADMS- Database and Modeling Seminar – Singapore

1998 – WWMG Mailers Conference-UK, European Catalog Conference – Catalog Simulation

1997 – Kansas City DMA – Keynote Database Seminar, CSMN – Catalog Simulation, WWMG Mailers Conference-UK, United States Postal Service Tactical Marketing Group Training Conference

1996 – DMI B-B Conference, Southern California Catalog Council, Tennessee Direct Marketing Association

1995 – Keynote Speaker-Canadian National Database Marketing Conference, WDMC Basic Course, CDMA National Convention, DMI B-B Conference

1994 – Chairman,Target Marketing Database Conference, Telemarketing Conference, DMA NCC, DMIBB 

1993 – DMA NCC, DMI B-B, WDMC DM Day, NCDM, University of Missouri-KC PDM

1992 – CDMA National Catalog Conference, CDMA National Convention, CDMA Technology Conference, DMA NCC & Spring Conference, DMI Business Catalog Conference, KCDMA DM Day, National Center for Database Marketing Conference, DMA Business-to-Business Conference, National Direct Marketing to Business Conference, Univ. Missouri-KC PDM Certification

1991 – DMA National Catalog Conference, DMI Business Catalog Conference, WDMC DM Day, National Center for Database Marketing Conference, DMA Business-to-Business Conference, National Direct Marketing to Business Conference, Univ. Missouri-KC PDM Certification

1990 – DMA National Catalog Conference, WDMC DM Day, National Database Conference, Direct Media Business Catalog Conference, National Direct Marketing to Business and Industry Conference Honors:

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