Health Tip Testimonials

“Thank you!! You do a great job and take a big load off my back.”   The Village Apothecary, Columbus, GA (facebook client)

“Getting excellent readership and response… business is very good.” Apple Valley, CA  – Customer since ’75

“It’s a new experience to have people tell us they look for our ads, and read them regularly. This was really proven to us when the HealthTip was left out of the paper one week, and several people phoned here and the paper wanting to know what happened to our ad.” Elberton, GA since ’73

“We do feel the HealthTips are much more interesting and better read than our previous column and believe the people of Watertown appreciate them.” Watertown, WI

“We have evidence that people who become dissatisfied with their pharmacy, seek us out because of this series of HealthTip ads, and I’m satisfied it helps us keep our present customers.” Kinston, NC since ’68

“After reading another similar series, I am more convinced than ever that the quality of the HealthTips is not by accident. Each message is concise, not foolish, and offers good advice. The public expects to read this and “HealthTips” deliver. I am pleased to add my name to the list of happy subscribers.” since ’74

“A doctor phoned me on my weekly HealthTip ad about patients on salt-free diets drinking hard water rather than softened water. He thought this was an excellent suggestion and is going to call this to the attention of all his heart patients. He really complimented me on the idea of putting useful health information in my newspaper ads.” New Berlin, WI since ’71

“Customers have consistently told me how they look for the HealthTips in the paper because they are worth knowing. I believe this is the type of advertising that independent pharmacies should be doing.” since ’73

“The first 6 months we were disappointed. Then you suggested that I run a ½ column picture of myself at the top of the HealthTips. That was the best suggestion you ever made as many of my customers told me they were now reading my ads.” Albemarle, NC

“Your copy is professional and apparently appreciated by our customers.” DeLand, FL

“I want to tell you how much we appreciated the simply stated common sense wisdom of your weekly HealthTips. It takes real talent to say so much in so little space week after week.” San Antonio, TX

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