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A Guide to the Magic of Turning Data Into Money

“The Level 3 Modeling™ database is always a work in process. It always seems to be at the limits of what can be conceived. It always stretches capacity and processing power. It is not a black box, but it is a strategic advantage. It is a weapon, never quite battle proven which if successful provides the victory in marketing warfare”    John Miglautsch

“For this hour, satisfied are we to proffer the mysteries of the wizard’s art.  What marvel verily, if we can indeed bedevil thee to spawn gold beyond the aspirations of avarice.” …the Wizard

What the Industry Experts are Saying:

“I normally mark up manuscripts… for the first time ever, I wouldn’t recommend that you change a thing!” Bob Stone, Member,  Direct Marketing Association Hall Of Fame

“You write with major talent. Very impressive.” Herschell Gordon Lewis World Famous Writer, Speaker, Direct Marketing Association Hall Of Fame

“Your writing is both entertaining and informative. The overall message of the book is clear…any systematic approach to data must be integrated with creative thinking to yield the often elusive goal of growth and profit.” Robert Dirienzo, J.C. Penny

“What you have done, I like. Easy read – easy to understand. Good stories. Excellent content. Enjoyable … and you learn something.” Ray Jutkins, Speaker, Author and Consultant

“…if you don’t understand and appreciate what John has to say in this book, there is very little chance you will ever be successful in the practice of database marketing.” Ernie Schell, Catalog Age Magazine (for the entire review)

 “John Miglautsch has finally told marketers (and management) what they have needed to hear for the past 15 years – precisely how to build a step-by-step plan to reap hard dollars from hard data!”  Doug King, United States Postal Service

“I’m not sure what a curmudgeon is. I just think you are one of them.  As I see it… a person who aggravates the imposters to no end. It’s worth reading…”  Ron Davis, Founder, Milwaukee Direct Marketing

“I loved your analogy of straw as data and how you tied it all in with your story. One thing that I have learned while working at Disney is the power of a story. This is what captures people’s attention and keeps them interested. Not many people have the gift of telling stories, but I think you do and that is exactly what you did in this book!” Dustin Von Dross, CRM Reporting Analyst at The Walt Disney Company  


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