Health Tip Overview

For over 35 years we have been preparing advertising for pharmacies. Our pharmacists have told us, “Price advertising cut my profits. I moved more merchandise, but didn’t make any more money.  I didn’t create permanent business with price shoppers.”

Our customers have found that a smaller “Health Tip” ad delivers more readership than one expensive quarter page sale or product ad. It also presents a more professional image and helps to develop a personal relationship with your patrons.

HealthTips offer a compact column featuring health related topics written in easy to understand copy. We provide over 60 Health Tips for the pharmacist’s 52 week selection. We ship on a quarterly basis to insure up-to-date information in the ads. We offer an exclusive franchise for each pharmacy’s area.

Look over a sample of the Health Tip copy and a page of sample ads.

We are now building a facebook option – allowing independent pharmacies to use our proven credibility-building health information either complimenting their newspaper advertising or as standalone social networking content.  You may already have a fb page, but how often do you update it – and since there’s nothing timely – why tell people about it.  We break that cycle.  The copy is bite-sized just right for a quick post – coming right from you – and it goes directly to everyone who ‘likes’ your page – better even that the newspaper.  Here is a sample facebook pharmacy.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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