Hubert Company

An international catalog distributor of grocery store, restaurant and food service merchandise. Legacy System: HP9000/Pick.

Objective: Create an EIS and list maintenance database which supports analysis of purchases by shipping location as well as billing address.

Challenge: To integrate merge/purge logic into the database load.

Obstacles: Hubert confronted a difficult many-to-many data structure on their legacy system which did not lend itself to easy conversion to a marketing database structure. Rules were developed for converting the many-to-many logic of Hubert’s legacy system to the many-to-one structures necessary for efficient database marketing tasks.

Solution: PostalSoft was used to create site ID’s from ship-to addresses. This allowed market strategies to target individual sites within large chains. Elaborate contact matrix supported title by SIC output.

Summary: The system brings a new level of power to Hubert’s customer analysis, moving from bill-to to ship-to. The system supports full Model-to-MailTM, PowerPlay and Mapping.

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