Since 1949, we have been helping independent business owners with their advertising copy. We started out writing weekly health tips for independent pharmacies to use in their newspaper advertising. With the advent of social media, many of our customers moved to facebook. Some are doing both facebook as well as traditional newspaper ads. 

We also have broadened our market to include family medical clinics and health food stores.

One customer said she likes our program not only for the content it provides for her page, but for the service because she is too busy to update her Facebook page regularly.

The program includes:  

*If you do not already have a facebook page we will help you create one. We will help you setup the Administrators, the page name, the unique user name - making your page easier for your customers to find and to LIKE.

*A Weekly Health Tip - posted to your page - unlike links or RSS feeds, this looks like it was written and posted by you. There is also the option to purchase the copy only and post it yourself.

*A pdf of a “Like” us on facebook sign with custom QR code - takes people right to your page so they can “Like” it on the spot while they are in the store increasing your page fans.

Optional, but strongly recommended: For an additional $10 per week we will “boost” your Weekly Health Tip post, especially targeted to your area, increasing your reach to both fans and potential new customers.

Program Cost - the cost for one year of the Weekly Health Tip Series, posted to your facebook page is $500 USD.   This service is limited to your facebook page and does not include or allow uses beyond facebook such as posting the Weekly Health Tip on a website or in the local newspaper advertising.

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