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Articles by John Miglautsch:


  • Why Direct Marketing is Misunderstood Originally written to help general advertising agency people understand the distinctives of "Direct", this article formed the basis for the original work on the definition of Direct marketing.
  • A Conceptual Definition of Direct Marketing Direct marketing has come to mean more than direct/mail mail order by using other media and by incorporating such concepts as "database marketing" (7) and "relational marketing" (12). However, the addition of these concepts still does not clarify what is or is not direct marketing.
    by John Miglautsch & Connie Bauer
  • What to do with the 1-1-1's?
    Inherent in the basics of RFM are its fundamental limitations. RFM alone, by definition, cannot move beyond this point. Segmentation of 1-1-1 requires the creation of additional variables.
  • There's Such a Thing as Too Much Data*
    As we all know, Data does NOT = Power. Understand why not.
  • Spinning Straw Into Gold From Catalogue & E-Business, this short summary article formed the basis for John's ground-breaking book by the same name.
  • Why Marketing Databases are Not Working*
    When doing market research or selecting names for mailing, marketing often has difficulty obtaining and analyzing mainframe based, historical customer and order data. Since the order entry and sales systems that generate the data, are crucially important to servicing customers, they generally have been in place for a number of years. The data searching and extraction capabilities of any older systems pale in comparison to state-of-the-art technology. Thus the aging of the corporate information systems continues to impose frustrating obstacles to effective marketing research. Although that may be the way it is, it need not remain that way.
  • What Are Your Customers Really Worth?*
    Direct marketing is built almost universally on the principle of getting and (especially) keeping customers. Practitioners therefore tend to be excessively analytical, keeping close track of customers gained and lost in each period, while trying to make decisions based on long term customer worth.
  • Making the Business-to-Business Marketing Database Work
    Network or Notebook? Is it possible to do something with your PC system? Many find it hard to believe that their PC system can meet their needs. Miglautsch Marketing has a one million customer database running with 70 million transactions on a 486. And the 486 is not the optimal platform. Much better equipment is available today.
  • Getting the Most out of Your PC Analysis*
    You know the data is in there... but how do you get it out? Data is a by-product of the direct marketing process. If you mail tens of millions of catalogs, you should have more than a few customers and orders. However, gaining marketing advantage with that data can be more than a little challenging.
  • Integrated Marketing
    The text of this article discusses the issues related to integrating traditional marketing (i.e., field sales and lead generation) with telemarketing.

    Additional Articles:
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  • A Weekly Catalog-Sales Projection Model*
  • Here's Why I Love Catalogs So Much*
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  • A Conceptual Definition of Direct Marketing***
  • Building a Financial Model+
  • Software Considerations: Use What You Have or Start All Over?
    *Originally published in DM NewsMagazine
    **Originally published in Direct Marketing Magazine
    ***Originally published in the Journal of Direct Marketing
    ****Originally published in Catalog Systems Management Network News
    +Originally published in Catalog Business Magazine