M. Theodore Miglautsch

Ted Miglautsch has developed some of the largest, fastest relational marketing databases in the world. As Vice President of Product Development for Miglautsch Marketing, he has packed over 70 million transaction records into a 486 platform. That was a big deal in the 90's but Ted continues to push the envelope.  Recently, he redesigned our list pull module for an eight-fold improvement.  A million name pull with over 350 variables went from 32 hours to just over four. Ted is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Wisconsin and has over twelve years of experience as a practicing engineer. Most of his experience is as an engineering consultant having sole responsibility for developing and installing computer systems. These projects involved significant new development (e.g., using 8 to 32 bit processors in both real-time and non real-time applications, including personally designing self-contained processor PC boards as required.) Ted has a considerable knowledge of operating systems and how to optimize them. He led our migration from SCO to Linux, making all our core software open-source.  He also has very solid knowledge of computer hardware, and how to get different computers to work together in system configurations.