Getting Started with Weekly Health Tips on facebook

Since 1949, we have been helping independent pharmacies: Medicine Shoppes, Medicaps, Health Marts and/or on their own.  This is a brand new program for us; we have just started contacting our current clients but have called some new ones too.  Tim Wasson in Henderson, TX (in the sample ads) just added the Facebook option. Another Medicine Shoppe in Leesburg, AL just started this week.  They are using Facebook alone, without the newspaper.  They had a positive comment come in only 28 minutes after we posted the first Health Tip!  We are also a putting together a list of ways to help them to add "likes" to their pages.  

One pharmacist said when she went on Facebook, her business grew by 1200%.  She is looking into our service because of the content it provides and because she is too busy to update her Facebook page herself now.

The program includes:  

If you do not already have a facebook page we will help you create one (one month's posting goes toward setup).  

We will help you setup the Administrators, the page name, the unique user name - making your page easier for your customers to find and to LIKE.

A Weekly Health Tip - posted to your page - unlike links or RSS feeds, this looks like it was written and posted by you.

Store Sign to LIKE facebook - with custom smartphone QR code - takes people right to your page while they are in the store.

Lists of suggestions for getting more LIKEs - find out what is working for other small businesses.  Get help moving people to your page.

On going communication about what is working with our facebook pharmacies.

Program Cost- the cost for one year of the Weekly Health Tip Series, posted to your facebook page is $500 USD.   This service is limited to your facebook page and does not include or allow uses beyond facebook such as posting the Weekly Health Tip on a website or in the local newspaper advertising.

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