Miglautsch Marketing has pioneered automated modeling since the early 90's. Many of our clients produce four or more models per month, we have built more customer models than virtually any other direct marketing company. MMI is considered one of the world's leading modeling companies. With clients such as Guitar Center, Adobe The Bay and dozens of catalog companies, our systems have proven themselves in the real world of direct mail marketing for some of the biggest mailers in North America.  In the past 6 years we won 11 blind tests against 8 of the world's best modelers.  Click->John's Welcome to hear more.  Visit John's personal site as well

Black Polar Bears & Big Data - John Miglautsch

Black Polar BearWhy is a BLACK polar bear better than #BIGdata?  What is the real reason 2/3rds of BIGdata projects are delivering "little or NO benefit?"   It is Epistemology, not implementation.